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Updated: Jan 5, 2020

Born in Tulsa,Ok; Jared Foster (J.Paul) was adopted at only 8 weeks old. By the age of 3, Jared and his family moved to Dallas,TX, his hometown. By the age of 4 his passion for music and discovery for his talent began to prosper; continuously growing throughout his years.

While attending Duncanville High School Jared participated in the acapella choir; gaining experience in singing in front of his first crowds. After graduating High School, Jared went on to pursue a professional career in Electronics and Computer Technology. However, in the midst of this pursuit, Jared realized his immense desire to attain a career as a professional recording artist. As this desire grew, he decided to resign as a student and work hard to obtain and build up enough funding to support his dream. Along the way Jared was introduced to well-known Christian recording artists Lecrae and Kirk Franklin. After working with them, many other opportunities and possibilities beseeched his talent to become a well known featured singer to many successful artist.

However, this success did not settle his determination to attain his own musical accomplishments as an individual artist. After moving to Atlanta, GA., J.Paul joined Lecrae's (31) city #Anomally tour; featuring Andy Mineo as a background artist. With much anticipation; J.Paul was ready to share his heart, passion and hope through his own projects, and released his first single; "Breathe" (available on itunes), and will soon release his first EP.

In addition to the music; as a past time, Jared loves to skate and delights in the opportunity to engage in social activity. His character fits in hand with his love for people; as he continuously gives in every aspect - to ensure the well-being of anyone he meets.

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